About COPO

Collaborative OPen Omics (COPO) is a portal for scientists to describe, store and retrieve data more easily, using community standards and public repositories that enable the open sharing of results. The COPO project is one of several projects supported by the Earlham Institute (EI), in Norwich, United Kingdom.

COPO can link your outputs to your ORCiD profile. By tracking unique identifiers and Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), COPO can provide a way to monitor usage and get credit for your work such as source code or research data, which are still not typically cited in the majority of scientific papers.

COPO wizards allow metadata to be added to your research objects with guided help and natural workflows. COPO can suggest metadata that might be appropriate for your data based on past submissions and similar workflows.

The portal requires cookies, fonts and the limited processing of your personal data in order to function as outlined in the Privacy Notice and Terms of Use.

More information about COPO is available in its documentation.


The Collaborative OPen Omics (COPO) team is part of the Data Infrastructure and Algorithms group at the Earlham Institute, Norwich.

The Data Infrastructure and Algorithms group focuses on research into understanding how best to manage, represent and analyse data for open science, as well as exploring new hardware, algorithms and methodologies to develop tools to push the boundaries of data-driven informatics in the life sciences.

The team applies their research expertise to develop infrastructure platforms for data and software dissemination and publication, assembly algorithms for viral and microbial metagenomics, large-scale data visualisation, and best practice and training in bioinformatics.

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Felix Shaw

Earlham Institute

Felix is a Research Software Engineer working on the COPO platform; a tool for creating, depositing and searching for bundles of research objects.

His PhD is in Computer Science studying facial animation, computer graphics, signal processing and machine learning. His current interests are in the fields of data science, open source and how to apply machine learning techniques in these areas to improve the tools available to researchers.

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Debby Ku

Earlham Institute

Debby is a Research Software Engineer working on COPO.

Prior to working at the Earlham Institute, Debby worked in Hong Kong with industrial experience in software development and system engineering. She obtained a BSc. in Computer Engineering and MPhil degree in Computer Science from the University of Hong Kong.

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Aaliyah Providence

Earlham Institute

Aaliyah is a Junior Software Developer supporting existing COPO code by writing unit and integration tests. She also supports EI, national, international and COPO users in tasks like metadata annotation, addition to COPO groups and upload to different repositories.

In addition, Aaliyah performs quality assurance of existing and new COPO pipelines in development and she promotes COPO to the research community by producing content through the COPO project web pages.

Prior to joining EI, Aaliyah completed a BSc. in Software Engineering Mobile Application Technologies at the University of the West Indies Mona (UWI Mona) in Jamaica. Her 4-year undergraduate tenure comprised of a 2-year study at the UWI Mona and a 2-year study at the Global Institute of Software Technology (GIST) in Suzhou, China.

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